I’m pausing!

Not really, but I am buried in research at the moment. I’m working on the last article in the Elisha Spence series. Years ago, I discovered a book at the Denver Public Library that enabled my research and gave me the information needed. And I located  the notes I had made about that book in my research notebook. However, I discovered a list of additional page numbers I had made, and I now need that book in order to complete the article.

I don’t go downtown any more, and our libraries here don’t have these books. The little Carnegie Library in Boulder was once a valuable place to go for research. They closed out their genealogy department and sent everything related to genealogy to the Denver Public Library.

So began my search for the book on the internet. And I found it! Amazon had the book and only one copy left in stock. I bought it. I won’t receive it until late in the week. They usually ship things quickly.

Meanwhile, I am working on the article concerning Elisha Spence’s youngest sons. As it turns out, four families are going to be involved in that last chapter, and I’m trying to nail all of them down. I’ve made some really interesting discoveries, and I’m looking forward to sharing them in that chapter. After that, I will write a summary and a conclusion and decide which line I want to pursue next. It will probably be a line from my father’s side of the family.

I still have some articles to add to the Spence section. I had them on my old website and want to include them here after revising them. So I will probably add those to the Spence section while researching the new line I will be focusing on.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch–


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