Team Brian

Our Clan: Front Row: L-R--Debbie, Brian, Mandy, Dallas. Back Row: Jason, Dee, LuAn, Josh

Our Clan: Front Row: L-R–Debbie, Brian, Mandy, Dallas. Back Row: Jason, Dee, LuAn, Josh

Meet Team Brian!

This photo was taken last fall before Brian’s cancer surgery. He thought the disease was over and gone, and he had even been cleared to return to work. Well, guess what happened? Some of those nasty little cancer microbes hid from the treatments and returned with a vengeance. He is now back to Stage 4 Terminal again. The doctor told him he wasn’t giving up on him. Neither are we!

Brian begins his treatments again this week. He is not going to be able to return to work, and he has another big battle on his hands.

Please support him with your prayers. There is also another way to help, and I am posting the link here:

Help Brian Through Cancer

Our daughter Debbie set up a GoFundMe Project to help her brother. Anything you can do will be sincerely appreciated.

Meanwhile, keep Brian and LuAn in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you


Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend–or is it Hello???



My scream when the little cartridge holder snapped inside my wonderful, old printer!

I had that LexMark printer for a long time–probably ten years, or close to it. I’ve owned a number of printers over the years, but this LexMark was my favorite. For one thing, it is the only printer I have owned where the paper didn’t jam. And I loved its scanning capabilities.

Now, I stood with the broken piece in my hand, considering my options.

By computer standards, the printer model is no longer made and is considered obsolete. So buying a new one exactly like it was out of the question. I could get a used one:


Or I could get a refurbished one:


Eventually, I decided my only option was to buy a new printer, and I decided to get a different brand. After all, I once owned a Hewlitt Packard that ran for years! (The reason I didn’t get any writing accomplished yesterday? I spent the day researching printers on line. And I didn’t make my decision until late afternoon or early evening. And my new printer will arrive next week!)

Now, what would I do with my old one?

“I hate giving it up!” I thought, as I dismantled it last evening and moved it to the kitchen. In the morning, I would find a temporary location for the old printer. And then I planned to put it out in the front yard with a “free” sign. It would be gone within minutes!

“That thing was a wonderful scanner! Not only did it print well, but it would scan my old family pictures I keep in boxes downstairs!”

That’s when I started thinking about possibilities for the old printer. I have a computer downstairs I use for drafting and for creating my website pages. It still has the software for my old printer on it. The family pictures and albums are all in boxes beneath the table. Scanning them has always been a major deal. I had to haul all those pictures upstairs and when the scanning was completed, I had to haul them all back downstairs again. There was nothing wrong with the scanning capability of my old printer. Why not move it downstairs?

Howard carried it downstairs for me this morning. I still have a lot of rearranging to do because between my genealogy notebooks and my doll collection, there is little room for anything else. Rearranging everything is something I don’t need to do at this moment. But the printer is safely downstairs, and I don’t need to worry about placing it in the front yard.

At least I found a purpose for my friend! 🙂

We Need Snow!!!


Well, not this much, perhaps! This photo was taken of the Arminda, John and Mary Lee house in Capron, Oklahoma about the time of the First World War. John and Mary Lee were distant cousins of mine. Their mother, Arminda, was Garrett Fitzgerald Lee, Jr.’s widow, and he was a son of my third great grandfather, Garrett Fitzgerald Lee, who came from Ireland. I don’t know how many feet of snow they received that year, but we could use some of that stuff here–the sooner, the better.

I became so keenly aware of this when I was outside, taking down the Christmas decorations. Everything is so dry. The snow we have received was like powder and melted quickly. I have two freshly planted, bulb-filled flower beds that need moisture, or my flowers will go poof in the spring. They were not as beautiful last year simply because we had little snow in the winter. However, a couple of blasters somewhat rescued us in the spring!

Was just listening to the weather forecast and yes, we are supposed to get snow later today, into tomorrow. I hope so–and I hope it hangs around a few days. However, it won’t stay long with a temperature of 50 in the forecast for New Year’s Eve!

I have always been told that March is our snowiest month. Well, yes–that is often true! Some of our heaviest snowfalls have occurred in March–including the two-week Spring Break we had around 2002! That was nice, but I’m retired now and don’t have to leave the house each day. So we could use a lot of that moisture without waiting for the daffodils to rise! Would hate to drag the garden hose from the garage in winter, but I may have to do that.

Meanwhile, the sky was a pretty pink this morning–certainly the sign of something. It is supposed to start snowing later this afternoon when the temperature takes a nose-dive. And it is supposed to continue through the night. I HOPE SO!

Otherwise–there is always March!

Beware of Carpetbaggers


From Definition of a carpetbagger– “An outsider who pretends to be an insider is a carpetbagger; he’s a person who tries to take advantage of a group by joining it only for his own personal benefit.” —

It would be safe to say that throughout my seventy-and-one-half-years, I have encountered more than one carpetbagger from time to time. For me, a carpetbagger is someone who tries to find out what you are doing and then attempts to top you. That is the sole purpose of their existence! I knew a person like that for a long time, and I remember trying keep my projects hidden from her. Then I forgot to delete the website links from my signature block in a message I was sending to her. When I read through a volume of her diatribe later, I realized my error and never made it again.

Those days are over. However, my previous tormenter appears now to be replaced by two–IF I allow them to continue!

It is beyond me why people can’t be happy with their own lives and abilities and stop trying to capitalize on others. If they can’t get through to me, then they try to take a detour through people I know. If I get angry, or if I abandon my project–then they win. If I ignore them (which is pretty much what I have been doing for quite some time)–then they can’t get through to me.

I have known them for a long time. The funny thing is, they only seem get worse as time goes on, and their schemes grow in size. At times they are difficult to ignore.

My preference for handling them is to consider the source or sources and follow the path I have been following. (I could write a book about these carpetbaggers; they are a definite pair. Did that once years ago, but then destroyed the draft. Writing it provided tremendous relief, however!) 🙂

I predict the following for my pests: they will embark on their scheme and go only a short distance before erupting. Their enterprise will fall apart, and they will go in different directions, blaming the other for their downfall!

History repeats itself! 🙂